One affordable destination for multiple departures

Been in a long-distance relationship, a bachelor / bachelorette party, or college pal reunion?

*If not, well...Latty doesn't make you friends, so you should move along.

How often have all the members of your party been from the same city? Hardly ever, right? Wouldn't you love to input multiple take-off destinations and find the most affordable option for the entire group on a COLLECTIVE basis? Of course you would! And how about factoring in the cost of hotel rooms and specifying what type of adventure you're looking for (aka urban vs. the sticks)? Starting to sound even better, right?

Latty 39's creative approach to group travel finds you the cheapest options for your party as a whole - opening up lots of opportunities for you and your sweetie or your friends to explore places you may never have considered!

*Or at least to find you the cheapest adventure among several options you might be considering.

What's up with the name? Inspired by an East Coast-West Coast long-distance relationship, Latty 39 is all about finding exciting locales to meet up somewhere in the middle (or not, as the case may be!).

The center of the US is Latitude 39
THUS, Latty39!